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Exhibition "Journey to the Alphabet" opened at the Alphabet Museum in Bitola, North Macedonia

  • 11/23/2021 1:42 PM
Exhibition "Journey to the Alphabet" opened at the Alphabet Museum in Bitola, North Macedonia

The exhibition "Journey to the Alphabet - Monastery Congress 14 - 22 November 1908" opened at the Alphabet Museum in Bitola, North Macedonia.

This exhibition prepared by the National Historical Museum will become a permanent exhibition at the Alphabet Museum in Bitola.

The director of the National History Museum, Dorjan Koçi, the director of the Alphabet Museum of Bitola, Zait Aliu and the Secretary of State for Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, Valmir Aziri were present at the opening of this exhibition. 

Koçi declared that “the care for the Albanian culture in the region and its museumization is one of the main policies of the Ministry of Culture, under the supervision of Minister Elva Margariti”. The exhibition titled "Journey to the Alphabet - Congress of the Monastery 14 - 22 November 1908" presents the journey of Renaissance efforts to compile the alphabet of the Albanian language over the course of the XIX century and especially at the end of the first half," he said.

The Congress of Manastir was an academic conference held in the city of Manastir (now Bitola) from November 14 to 22, 1908, with the goal of standardizing the Albanian alphabet. November 22 is now a commemorative day in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, as well as among the Albanian diaspora, known as Alphabet Day. The Congress brought together 32 delegates with voting rights, representing 26 different Albanian cities and societies inside and outside the country, as well as 18 other delegates as non-voting participants.

The Congress of Manastir represents one of the most important events for Albanians,not only because of the decisions made, but also because those decisions were to be legally implemented by the Ottoman authorities.

/Klara Ruci/