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Expo Dubai 2020/ Balla: Albania, an important destination for tourism and investments

  • 7/29/2021 1:49 PM
Expo Dubai 2020/ Balla: Albania, an important destination for tourism and investments

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla in an interview given to the media of the United Arab Emirates shared the views and goals of Albania in its participation in the world fair "Expo Dubai 2020". "We are facing the same economic impact  that the world has experienced. As we realized that no one knows when this will last, we are aiming for the world exhibition to be a platform to return Albania to its position. "It is a challenging goal, but through partnerships with international relations and strengthening cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, our goal is to go to the same level we were in 2019 before the pandemic," Balla said during the interview.

According to Balla, one of the main goals of Albania is to increase the tourism sector as Albania has reopened its borders and has begun to welcome international tourists. "Through an effective vaccination program implemented in the country where every citizen and resident of Albania are forced to be vaccinated with their choice of vaccines from Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Sputnik and Sinovac, the country has taken control of the spread of the pandemic and is now involved in green list of places to visit safely. We have done things that are going in the right direction. We are still careful, but we are already enjoying the fruits of our effective response. There is no obligation to wear masks, we have taken most of the restrictions, there is no need for quarantine procedures, and PCR tests are no longer required at our borders. "With this, we are now able to open our country and welcome tourists," said Balla.

Further during the interview, Balla stressed that while the country was slowly revived from the ban on global tourism, flights to and from the country have begun. "The UAE is one of the main contributors to tourism in Albania. We have welcomed the citizens and residents of the UAE to our homeland and are now pleased to say that there are 2 daily flights already available from Sharjah and Dubai to Albania. "We are also in talks with Wizz Air Abu Dhabi officials to inaugurate direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Tirana to promote travel from the UAE capital to Albania," Balla said.

Inviting tourists to visit the wonders of Albania and enjoy travel with ease and comfort, Balla underlined that Albania is a European country with beautiful landscapes to visit. "Hospitality, tradition, good traditional cuisine to try and the nature of wonderful where you can spend moments of peace and pleasure are some of the countless reasons to visit Albania, but the most important thing we can offer is that in addition to Greece and Italy, both destinations and friendly trips, we are safe from COVID- i and easy to access. "Residents of the United Arab Emirates have been accommodated especially as they can get their visa upon arrival at the airport," Balla concluded.