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Four airports and two trade ports in Durrës and Vlorë

  • 4/5/2021 9:32 AM
Four airports and two trade ports in Durrës and  Vlorë

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that "we want to continue with the construction of airports in our country". During a meeting held today in Fier, Rama said that, "Kukes airport for a few days will host the group of London boys, who wrote me on Facebook about the Kukes airport. I told them to come there, to come and vote for the Democratic Party, by force, not to change the vote, if they go down there ".

For Vlora airport, he continued, we finally have the winner. "After all that torture due to the pandemic, push and push, for a few days we sign the contract. "After the completion and exit of the winner, the contract is negotiated and the work begins", - said Rama.

According to him, immediately after the start of work at Vlora airport, we will open the competition for Saranda airport and we will have four airports.

The Prime Minister said, “To those who say that we do not need airports, but we need bread, I tell them that airports are bakeries. "They are not bus stops, because they bring in people who are consumers and thus increase the number of services due to the airport." "It is world-renowned that one euro to invest in an airport turns into a minimum of 23 euros in the economy." stressed Rama.

"The Prime Minister announced that work is continuing on the construction of new tourist ports." The tourist port of Durres is the largest in our history, as a foreign investment by the famous company that also has the port of Dubai, "Rama said. .

He also continued, the tourist port of Vlora. "Both of these will make the two new commercial ports to be built on the outskirts of the two cities," Rama said.