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Gender gap for 2021, Albania in 25th place in the world out of 156 countries. Second in the region

  • 4/1/2021 3:01 PM
Gender gap for 2021, Albania in 25th place in the world out of 156 countries. Second in the region

Albania ranks 25th in the world out of 156 countries, in the Gender Gap Index of 2021, published by the Global Economic Forum, entering among the countries where the difference between women and men is lower and much higher than the countries of the region .

The gender gap in Albania is lower than in developed European countries, such as Italy, Spain, or Denmark. In the region, we are second after Serbia, which ranks 19th. However, compared to the previous year, Albania has lost five positions. Albania, so far, has closed 77% of the gender gap, from 89% that has the country with the least gender differences in the world, which is Iceland and 68% which is the global average.

Albanian women rank 35th for economic participation and opportunities, 42nd for educational attainment. Albania has the best indicator in political empowerment, where it ranks 30th. Our country has the worst ranking for health and survival, instead of 147.

In the first place in the world for low gender gap between women and men are Iceland, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, which also have women as prime ministers. In the region, after Albania are Montenegro (48), Serbia (54), Northern Macedonia (73), Bosnia and Herzegovina (76), while Kosovo is not included in this ranking.

This year, the Global Gender Gap Index ranks 156 countries, providing a mechanism for cross-country comparisons as well as prioritizing the most effective policies needed to close gender gaps. The index methodology has remained stable since its original conception in 2006, providing a basis for strong cross-local analysis and time series.

The Global Gender Gap Index measures the results on a scale from 0 to 100, through the results of which the performance of closing the gap can be compared.

The Economic Forum states that it will take 135.6 years to close the gender gap worldwide. Globally, the Gender Gap in Political Empowerment remains the largest of the four indicators. In the 156 countries covered by the index, women represent only 26.1% of the approximately 35,500 seats in parliament and only 22.6% of over 3,400 ministers worldwide.

In 81 countries, there has never been a woman head of state, until January 15, 2021. With the current level of progress, the World Economic Forum estimates that it will take 145.5 years to achieve gender equality in politics. Iceland is the country with the lowest gender inequality in the world. 

/Klara Ruci/