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Germany welcomes the elections: Parties should recognize the result!

  • 4/29/2021 8:42 AM
Germany welcomes the elections: Parties should recognize the result!

Germany congratulated Albania on holding the elections on April 25 and through an official communiqué made by the German Embassy in Tirana, stated that the election process was calm and peaceful.

The statement says that the large number of Albanian citizens cast their vote, makes clear the desire to co-decide.

"Election day last Sunday was calm and almost everywhere peaceful. The fact that a large number of Albanian citizens voted, makes clear the desire to co-decide. The new electoral code successfully passed its first test.
The election process proceeded generally without friction, the election administration at central and local level did a good job - my thanks go to them. We have followed the OSCE / ODIHR preliminary report and are awaiting the final one. All election-related allegations and complaints, including vote-buying, must be dealt with promptly and decisively - at this point the Central Election Commission and the judiciary must assume an important responsibility. 
The restraint and prudence of many candidates on election day deserves respect. I hope that all political actors will continue to have a constructive and cooperative approach to each other. In addition, we expect them to know the election result.
Crucial for us is Albania's further path towards EU membership. I expect all parties and political actors to actively contribute in this direction and that through other reforms steps forward be made. Congratulations to the Socialist Party on the victory. Its government will play a key role in this reform process.
I also congratulate the Democratic Party, which has been able to mark a significant increase compared to the last elections. A healthy democracy needs a strong parliamentary opposition as well as its active involvement and contribution, for example in laws and decisions that require a qualified majority. Germany will continue to accompany and support Albania further on its path," writes the statement.

/Klara Ruci/