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Greek music icon, Glykeria is going to perform live in Tirana

  • 9/10/2021 7:53 PM
Greek music icon, Glykeria is going to perform live in Tirana

The Greek singer known in the international music arena, Glykeria comes with a live concert at the Tirana Amphitheater. With a band of 14 musicians, especially for Tirana, led by the Albanian composer and musician Dasho Kurti, who is also the master concert of Janis Parios, Jorgo Dallaras, Glykeria will light up the atmosphere on Wednesday evening at the Artificial Lake, a program full of surprises, where as never before in a concert with Greek music will be sung in Albanian and will be played some mixed Albanian and Greek melodies.

Glykeria is a rare singer with a rich repertoire due to her high artistic quality and characteristic vocals. She is also assessed as the favorite singer of the great Theodorakis, the "father" of Greek music, who has composed 70% of her songs. Glykeria is also known as the most international singer as half of the annual calendar is on various tours around the world, from Australia to Canada and the USA, England and all over Europe. She has a totally positive feeling for Albania and it is no coincidence that the closest people she cooperates with are Albanians. Glykeria is also the winner of many important trophies in Greece and abroad. She is also considered one of the 5 best singers in the history of Greek folk song. The arrival of Glykeria in Tirana is a privilege that should not be lost!

/Klara Ruci/