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Heavy rain hits Albania, dropping temperatures

  • 10/11/2021 9:34 AM
Heavy rain hits Albania, dropping temperatures

The entire territory of Albania was hit from yesterday evening until this morning by heavy rain, accompanied by thunderstorms in some areas. According to meteorologists, the whole week that has just started will be with such conditions, rain, snow and lower temperatures, which in mountainous areas will drop to -1 degrees. Atmospheric conditions will somewhat improve on Friday and weekend.

Improvement is expected during the morning hours today in the lower and western areas, while there is little rainfall in the eastern areas. Light rain remains in the first days of the week, but Thursday brings us again a dense system of eclipses bringing down showers. The weather conditions will improve somewhat on Friday and weekend, as the amount of precipitation during Friday and weekend will be less.

In terms of air temperatures, this morning has decreased, causing the minimum values ​​to drop to 4 degrees in mountainous areas, while the maximum values ​​are projected at 21-22 degrees. From Tuesday onwards, we expect a drop of temperatures, making the thermometer in the mountainous areas drop to -1 degrees on Thursday and Friday mornings, while the maximum is forecasted at no more than 20-21 degrees.

During Thursday night we expect snowfall to appear at altitudes above 1200-300 above sea level. Occasionally during noon and afternoon the wind parameter will be problematic, predicted to reach 55 km / h on the offshore.

Kosovo and Macedonia remain with rain showers not only today, but until Wednesday. There will be rain on Thursday and Friday, there will also be snowfall. The weekend somewhat improves the atmospheric conditions. Air temperatures will also drop significantly, causing the thermometer in Kosovo to drop to -2 degrees in mountainous areas.

/Klara Ruci/