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Hoti: Energy independence, joint success of Kosovo and international friends

  • 12/15/2020 10:17 AM
Hoti: Energy independence, joint success of Kosovo and international friends

 Kosovo-Albania interconnection power line has finally been activated. The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, said that as of today the Transmission System Operator and Electricity Market of Kosovo (KOSTT) operates as an independent system.

"Energy independence is a joint success of Kosovo and international friends. This is a great achievement, which has happened, since KOSTT has met all the conditions provided by the agreement and is now operating independently ", said Prime Minister Hoti, adding that since December 14, 2020, the new line with Albania is put into operation.

Kosovo's exit from the SMM regulatory bloc (Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia) and its inclusion in the Albania's bloc was envisaged by an agreement between KOSTT and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Energy (ENTSO) in the month of June. It entered into force on 29 September.

Whereas, the Prime Minister Edi Rama was today in the dispatch of the Transmission System Operator, where the independent operation of Kosovo started, as a Regulatory Zone within the Albania-Kosovo Regulatory Bloc.

Rama said that this is a historic achievement, which had been pending since 2010, but was completed only in 2016, while the reason why it was not implemented was the veto from Serbia.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Transmission System Operator and Electricity Market of Kosovo (KOSTT), Ilir Shala, had told the Kosovo media that from 2008 to 2019, the state of Serbia, according to him, has illegally used the network of Kosovo transmission and has collected revenues of about 65 million euros.

"In financial or commercial terms, the dimensioning of energy capacities within the Kosovo-Albania block is defined, where according to the agreed calculations, the savings will be around 4 million euros per year. For the Transmission System Operator of Albania (OST) the benefits will be 1.4 million euros, while for KOSTT 2.6 million euros ", said Shala.

The interconnection power line was announced completed, inaugurated and tested in June 2016. It is a 400 kilowatt interconnection line between Albania and Kosovo and has a total length of 241.1 kilometers, of which 151.1 kilometers extend into the territory of Albania and 90 kilometers in the territory of Kosovo.

This project has cost 75.5 million euros. Over 33 million euros were financed by Kosovo, while another 42 million by Albania. From non-compliance with this agreement, Kosovo is estimated to have lost up to 12 million euros per year, as the collection of transmission tariffs that energy passes through Kosovo, was done by the state of Serbia on behalf of Kosovo.

The Serbia System Operator (EMS) collects capacity allocation revenues for Kosovo's border lines with neighboring countries. For several years now, Kosovo has been accusing Serbia of interfering in Kosovo's energy system by not recognizing the independence of the Kosovo Electricity System, Transmission and Market Operator (KOSTT).

In 2015, Kosovo signed an agreement to connect Kosovo's energy system to the Synchronous Zone of Continental Europe. This agreement was signed between KOSTT on the one hand and the organization of European Electricity Transmission System Operators (ENTSOs).

/Klara Ruci/