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INSTAT reveals the age groups that travel the most abroad, led by young people and 55-year-olds

  • 8/31/2021 1:53 PM
INSTAT reveals the age groups that travel the most abroad, led by young people and 55-year-olds

Tourism and travel have changed dramatically in Albania in the last decade.

The abolition of visas with the European Union and the change in the perspective of tourism from lunches at the coastal areas, to trips abroad to cities and in nature has increased travel for entertainment purposes in the Albanian population.

But those who travel more abroad are the young age groups of the population from 25-34 years old. According to INSTAT data, this age group in 2019 realized 21% of the entire population total trips. The trend of young people to travel has increased. A part of the young people in this age group have started to provide the first income from work, while they have not yet taken on the responsibility of building a family, so travel occupies a significant part of their expenses.

The second group that travels the most abroad is the population 55-64 years old, and realizes 17.3% of the total trips. In this age group, family obligations usually end, while health problems can not yet become a barrier to travel.

The third group that travels abroad the most are people aged 45-54 with 16.2% of total trips. This age group is at the peak of productivity and usually a part of the trips in this group are also made for work purposes.

46% of trips outside Albania are for holidays and leisure; 37.5% for visits to relatives and friends, while only 8% travel for business reasons. The share of people traveling for business almost halved in 2019, from 15% a year ago.

According to INSTAT, the analysis of travel by gender of the traveler, in 2019, shows us that the highest percentages of travel within Albania were made by female travelers (51.4%), while trips outside Albania were made more by male travelers ( 52.8%).

If we analyze the distribution of trips according to the duration of stay nights, short trips (1-3 nights) in Albania occupy a greater weight (68.8%) than long trips (4+ nights). The situation is different for trips made outside Albania, where long trips occupy the largest share (71%).

In 2019, the number of trips for personal or business purposes (inside or outside Albania) made by individuals residing in Albania over the age of 15 was 5,350,604. The average number of overnight stays for completed trips is 5.5 nights.

Personal travel accounts for 95.1% of total travel, while business travel accounts for 4.9% of them. On average in 2019 an individual in Albania has made 2.3 trips. The highest travel concentrations were recorded in the months: August (12.9%), March (10.7%), June (9.9%), December (9.6%) and July (9.4). %).

In 2019, the most preferred destinations for personal or business travel in Albania are the regions: Tirana (28.5%), Korça (12.3%), Vlora (11.6%) and Durrës (10.3% ). As regards trips made outside Albania, the highest percentages were recorded in: Greece (6.6%), Italy (5.5%) and Kosovo (1.3%).

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