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Integration / Soreca: Time for the EU to keep its promise!

  • 10/20/2021 12:50 PM
Integration / Soreca: Time for the EU to keep its promise!

During his speech at the joint conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Ambassador Luigi Soreca commented on the European Commission progress report on Albania, presented the day before.

For the EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, Albania's integration into the EU is happening day by day, although there is still no date for the first intergovernmental conference. Ambassador Soreca urged the EU to keep its promise immediately.

"I think that integration happens day by day, Albania is integrating into the EU thanks to fruitful exchanges. Albania has given the results, it is time for the EU to keep its promise. To read the report and find in it the strong points to overcome the remaining impasse "said Soreca.

On his part, Prime Minister Rama said that Albania has achieved the required results, but it is the EU that is not achieving results.

"There is a nuance that should be emphasized in the word result. Albania has achieved results, it is the EU that does not achieve results. It is the EC that has said we should sit down and it is not sitting down. The results that Albania has achieved are here. EU helps us with the instruments, with the great knowledge of how this work is done and with the critical judgments and with its own funding. If anyone here today has to render account for why the results have not been achieved, it is the EU. Things have their logic in the EU and we have to accept it. Today that family has some problems that we have not created and we can not solve them," said Rama.

/Klara Ruci/