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Investment, tourism and agriculture sectors with the most need for intervention

  • 2/18/2021 3:33 PM
Investment, tourism and agriculture sectors with the most need for intervention

In the last five years 2015-2020 tourism and agriculture are the sectors that have received more recommendations for intervention in order to improve the investment situation. The Investment Council (IC) has made an analysis of the situation in recent years, highlighting that 33% of the total recommendations made by it, address interventions in these two main sectors of the economy.
The intervention is recommended at least in four aspects; First, the increase of the level of formalization of the sectors. Secondly, incentives to strengthen the sectors, thirdly, legal interventions that would facilitate the businesses of these sectors and fourthly, incentives to increase the added value of the agro-processing sector for investments.

Institutional cooperation seems to be one of the deadlocks when it comes to the progress of work and this seems to be the reason why in the recommendations of the Investment Council this recommendation leads.

"Recommendations at the institutional level occupy the highest weight over the total 43%, where the emphasis is mainly on: inter-institutional cooperation, capacity building of operational structures, the stability of institutions and increasing the standard and quality of services," underlines Investment's Council.

Most of the recommendations made do not seem to have been taken into account during these years where 48 percent of them are not implemented.

On the other hand, 38% of the recommendations made are implemented, while 14% are in the process. In the group of implemented recommendations, the report lists employment and capacity building of human capital where four DCMs were adopted during 2020 with the aim of stimulating employment through subsidizing businesses to employ and train unemployed jobseekers.

The second is the Competition of the Tourism Sector where it is underlined that the improvement of the competition and the strengthening of the formalism is done through the identification and classification of the tourist structures.

Advancing Deregulation Reform - Improving the quality of online services provided through the electronic platform for construction permits by specifying deadlines for decision-making on construction permits, avoiding the suspension of platform functionality, defining the role / responsibilities of interconnected institutions in the platform .The latest fiscal stimulus - Encouraging investments in the agro-production sector through oil subsidies.

/Klara Ruci/