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Ismail Lulani back with a rare retrospective exhibition at the National Museum

  • 10/19/2021 2:25 PM
Ismail Lulani back with a rare retrospective exhibition at the National Museum

The famous painter Ismail Lulani after many years of absence returns with an exhibition curated by Helidon Haliti in collaboration with the painter Ormira Lulani.

Ismail Lulani's exhibition would be the mirror of an artist, doctor of souls, as the curator Helidon Haliti would call him, who healed autumn, healed winter and warmed Albanian art with color.

This exhibition started as a project in the mind of the curator in collaboration with the talented daughter of the painter, Ori Lulani, many years ago.

The painter Ormira Lulani, excited about her father's return through the work in this exhibition, said: “I strongly believe in the power of art and believing in the power of art, I also strongly believe in the purity of the artist, and I believe today that my father, his soul is here ”.

The director of the National Museum, Dorian Koçi said: “I have witnessed a continuous work that Ormira Lulani has done with the painters and the curator Helodin Haliti, as regards various exhibitions opened in the hall, at the National Historical Museum. But at the same time I have seen how diligently they have worked for this exhibition, in every single detail,and his great works appear to the public for the first time".

Helidon Haliti, says that the house in Shkodra should be turned into a museum. The exhibition will be open to the public in the capital for a week, to then travel to Shkodra and Montenegro.

/Klara Ruci/