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Kadri Roshi, the legend of film and stage acting

  • 9/29/2021 10:27 AM
Kadri Roshi, the legend of film and stage acting

Kadri Roshi is an Albanian accomplished actor, distinguished in film and stage acting. He was born on January 4, 1924, in Mallakastër, Albania; died on February 6, 2007 in Tirana.

He completed his higher studies in Prague in 1951. He started his career as an actor in the People's Theater at the age of 21 being one of the founders of this theater. Since that time and until today he counts about 180 roles on stage and cinematography, which constitute a great artistic life, where the difficulties of a life of orphan, apprentice, cinema bouncer and up to the original actor with the portrait of the tribal man are intertwined. The actors of his generation Drita Pelingu, Violeta Manushi, Tinka Kurti, Reshat Arbana, Marika Kallamata, etc. were always by his side.
He would perform during his life, leaving indelible traces and impressions for every Albanian in the surrounding 215 roles in both theater and cinema, including here his activity as a director and participant in concerts inside and outside the country as a reciter. Some of the movies and theaters where the actor plays would be:

"Tana", "The storm", "Skenderbeg", "Hamlet", "Kremlin Hours", "The Strange", "Aesop", "Fisherman's Family", "Guest House", " Arturo Ui "," The Second Face "," The Eighth in Bronx "," The Great Faith "," The Shadows of the Night "," Mountains  Covered in Green"," The Cut Threads "," Passion "," The Man with the Cannon ", The Age Before the Trial", "The Poppies on the Walls", "Tied Like a Necklace", "Scorched Earth", "Stairs", "Colonel Bunker" and "Crazy Time" in the role of Uncle Fiqo, who will was also his last role.

The brilliant interpretation of Kadri Roshi, this emblem of Albanian theater and cinematography would be described by the genius of Albanian letters Dritero Agolli as follows: Kadri Roshi is the patriarch of the Albanian song. The word in his mouth takes the sound of the beautiful polyphonic song, of the gurgling of the rivers.

He is considered by many as the legend of the Albanian stage and screen. He has been a brilliant actor with an innate talent. In 1995 he was honored with the Career Award at the Artistic Film Festival, in 1997 with the Grand Prize of Honor. He is the "Honor of the Nation" since 1999. The name of Kadri Roshi is a colossus for Albanian film and theater, where he left prominent figures that will never be forgotten.

/Klara Ruci/