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Kosovo-Albania business, elimination of export barriers is required

  • 1/29/2021 6:04 PM
Kosovo-Albania business, elimination of export barriers is required

Kosovo and Albania still have trade barriers between them. The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and the National Food Authority in Albania have held a meeting on this issue. Kosovo businesses have complained that the export of goods to Albania is having many problems.

Obligation of businesses that have a large number of items for each type of product, although they have the same composition but differ in weight to be required to report the wet stamp analysis, as part of the elimination of trade barriers and bureaucratic procedures were some of the key points that were discussed at the meeting between the KCC and the National Food Authority in Albania.

"There is no need to make analyzes for all products, but the Analysis Report of one should be applied to other products with the same composition. This would save costs, but also time for the parties ", they said, among other things, at the meeting.

During this meeting, the director of the Food and Veterinary Agency in Kosovo, Naser Krasniqi stressed that such barriers do not apply to businesses from Albania, so it is important that our countries simplify procedures as much as possible and create facilities during cooperation.

Kosovo Ambassador to Albania Nait Hasani, stressed that it is necessary that the agreements signed between Kosovo and Albania be ratified in the Albanian Parliament, in order to be implemented accurately and to overcome unnecessary bureaucracies.

/Klara Ruci/