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Kosovo, the CEC certifies the result of the February 14 elections

  • 3/13/2021 5:39 PM
Kosovo, the CEC certifies the result of the February 14 elections

The Central Election Commission on Saturday certified the result of the early parliamentary elections of February 14, where Albin Kurti's SElf-Determination Movement scored a convincing victory, winning 50.21 percent of the vote.

The certification of the results follows the handling of the complaints of the candidates for MPs and political entities by the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel as well as by the Supreme Court.

After the certification of the result, according to the Constitution of Kosovo, the president of Kosovo, in this case, the acting president, Vjosa Osmani, within 30 days must convene the first session of the assembly, in order to form the institutions resulting from the elections.

This will be the eighth legislature of the Assembly of Kosovo and based on the result, Self-Determination Movement will have 58 seats, the Democratic Party of Kosovo will have 19 seats, the Democratic League of Kosovo 15 and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo will have eight seats.

Meanwhile, from the communities, the Serbian List has won the ten guaranteed seats. The Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo won two seats. The Vakat Coalition, the New Democratic Party, the Gorani Party, the New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo, the Ashkali Party for Integration, the Roma Initiative, the Kosovo Roma Progressive Movement and the Social Democratic Union won one seat each.

During the CEC meeting, where the election results were certified, the chairwoman of this institution, Valdete Daka, called on the new deputies to make the electoral reform.

"I want to address the deputies of the next legislature, political entities, not to leave the electoral reform at a crossroads, but to give it the right path. The CEC is ready to give its professional contribution to this reform ", said Daka.

/Klara Ruci/