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Kurti: There is no agreement with Serbia without mutual recognition at the center

  • 11/16/2021 5:35 PM
Kurti:  There is no agreement  with Serbia without mutual recognition at the center

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in an interview with Radio Free Europe, says that his Vetëvendosje Movement is analyzing the causes of the local election results.

After the second round of these elections, which was held on November 14, Vetëvendosje could win in four municipalities out of 38 in total. This result, according to Kurti, is unsatisfactory.

Regarding the dialogue with Serbia, Kurti says that he is ready for this process, but adds that the next meeting with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, will depend on the dialogue at the level of negotiators. Speaking of a possible agreement with Serbia on normalizing relations, he says it should focus on mutual recognition.

"We are talking about the next dialogue with Serbia, about the next chapter of the dialogue. When we came to power there was no dialogue, it was interrupted and I can not say that the dialogue with Serbia has shown results in recent years not only because it had deviated in the issue of territorial division of Kosovo, which was wrapped in territorial exchange packaging.

There is a lack of progress and this did not start with us, much earlier there was a lack of progress, but we have pointed out that a large part of the lack of progress comes from the wrong approaches. In this sense, we need a new chapter, we need a new approach, and for us it must be principled with the citizens as beneficiaries and with mutual recognition at the center.

There has been a recent tectonic shift for good, while in the last decade it has been considered that Kosovo makes concessions because it eventually gains recognition from Serbia. So, dialogue and recognition have been put in a diachronic relationship, they have been laid out in time, where recognition comes to an end and Serbia pushed the end indefinitely. Now we have a shift from temporal contextualization to that, say, spatial, where mutual recognition is at the center of the agreement and this is what all the friends and partners of the Republic of Kosovo, our independent state, say.

So the agreement will not be just mutual recognition, but there is no agreement without mutual recognition at the center. So, not in the end, in the sense of time, but in the center, in the sense of the space of things which that agreement includes.

If there is one topic for which we are immediately ready to commit to find as soon as possible and as many solutions as possible is that of the missing, the forcibly disappeared since there the anxiety of the family members is greater than their grief.

/Klara Ruci/