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Local elections in Kosovo / 21 municipalities go to the runoff

  • 10/18/2021 9:42 AM
Local elections in Kosovo / 21 municipalities go to the runoff

Municipal elections were held yesterday in Kosovo. Over 99% of the votes have been counted. The Central Election Commission has announced that victory in 17 municipalities, while another 21 are in the runoff.

Turnout was 42.50%.Preliminary results of Sunday's municipal elections in Kosovo show that in 21 of the country's 38 municipalities there will be a new round of elections, as none of the candidates has secured enough votes to be elected in the first round.

The Central Election Commission said that 42.5 percent of the approximately 1 million 890 thousand registered voters exercised their right to vote. Officials of this commission said that there were no difficulties in the course of the process.

The strongest competition took place in the largest cities, including Pristina, where the Vetëvendosje Movement will face the Democratic League of Kosovo in the second round, according to VOA.

In Sunday's elections, it was also decided for the deputies of the municipal assemblies.

Fitore Pacolli, from the Vetëvendosje movement, said that this movement will win in the big cities of Kosovo.

"The final results will strongly clarify the unprecedented growth of the Vetëvendosje movement in relation to the last elections for the local level, where the final number is expected to double," said Ms. Pacolli.

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, said that his subject has already won in five municipalities in the first round while he is in the race in seven other municipalities.

"In these elections, the citizens have broken the political barriers and have supported the candidates and the program that has addressed their needs. And of course, the PDK is first here. Citizens showed that no propaganda, no populist manipulation, can defeat the truth and the good. "Today, the citizens showed one more thing, their great dissatisfaction with the work of Albin Kurti's government, since the first eight months of this government", he said.

The chairman of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, said that his party leads, or is running in 11 municipalities in the country.

"The Democratic League of Kosovo sees this evening of October 17 as a night and a date of great return, announced for some time. This return for each of us is an achievement, but above all, it is a responsibility which we must exercise with full care ", said Mr. Abdixhiku.

The President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, said that his subject has won in six municipalities, while in another he will compete in the second round.

"The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo in this election has scored a victory, where in six municipalities we are winners, in Gjakova, Suhareka, Rahovec, Klina, Junik and Deçan, while in Istog we are in the runoff. "So there has been an increase in the vote in some municipalities," he said.

The Serb list, meanwhile, declared victory in all ten Kosovo Serb-majority municipalities.

Over 25,000 domestic and international observers monitored the process. About 100 European Union observers were deployed throughout Kosovo.


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