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Mabetex group negotiates the contract for the Vlora airport

  • 3/23/2021 10:41 AM
Mabetex group negotiates the contract for the Vlora airport

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku announced the start of  the negotiation with the company "Mabetex" for the contract of Vlora International Airport.

At the beginning of this month, the merger of the companies registered in Switzerland, Mabco Construction, composed of Mabetex Group, which holds 50% of the shares, while the creator is YDA Group with 48% and A Group with 2% was declared the winner, for the construction of Vlora Airport.

The value of the investment is 103,966,030 euros.

The head of the company "Mabetex", Behgjet Pacolli informed a few days ago about the phases in which the project will pass. In the first phase in the 2-year period, the airport building and runways will be built, valued at over 103 million and 500 thousand dollars.

While in the second phase, in the first 4 years will be developed additional business and tourism infrastructure that reach the value of investments of hundreds of millions of euros.

Among other things, he says that this project is considered the largest investment of any private company in the region.

The established technical criteria meet those of category 4E, which is one of the highest categories of international airports starting from the runway which should be 3.2 km and up to the terminal surfaces and all other facilities that this airport should offer .

Also, Minister Balluku has announced that the airport in the future will be the home of "Air Albania".

On the other hand, the Minister stressed that a new industry, that of aircraft maintenance, has shown interest for years, but now is the real opportunity to accommodate it in the new airport of Vlora, creating a new sector within the aviation industry .

"Great projects that come to life become a reality, thanks to the dedication and tireless work of the team," said the minister.