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Match against Kazakhstan / Reja: We must not lose! Berisha: Albania remains the favorite in the group

  • 10/10/2020 9:10 PM
Match against Kazakhstan / Reja: We must not lose! Berisha: Albania remains the favorite in the group
Coach of Albanian football national team Reja in a press conference

Coach Edy Reja and national team goalkeeper Etrit Berisha gave a press conference a day before the challenge with Kazakhstan for the League of Nations.
Reja initially admits that a mistake happened with Lithuania because he did not think Albania would lose the match, but considers the result 0-1 right.

"It was a difficult moment because we came after the victory with Belarus. We were in good physical and psychological condition. I did not think we would lose, the mistake happened. I think the right result with Lithuania should have been the draw for what we gave on the field.

As regards tomorrow's challenge, the Italian coach said emphatically that there should be no losses tomorrow and he is very interested in a good game. Nothing is complicated as Berisha said, all teams have 3 points each. We all want to be qualified. We have prepared strongly this week, I expect a positive result. I know Kazakhstan, it is very organized. Full backs are strong players and technicians. Izlakan is dangerous and goes back, poses a constant danger. Kazakhstan is constantly stable. Midfield and attack play fast forward and put in constant danger with counterattacks. I demand a maximum play and concentration. We conceded a goal. It was an unfortunate moment for us. One of our players had to pass the ball to the goalkeeper and give it to the opponent. These are things that happen in matches and we need to understand that. It was an individual mistake, not a collective one.

Kazakhstan's team has no weak points, it is a well organized team, even in defense. They are organized. They have 5 defenders and 4 midfielders and it is very difficult to break them. I'm interested in playing a good game. The positive result comes when you play well. We must not lose. My wish is not to lose so as not to complicate our race and not to be psychologically burdened. Football is played for victory, but it also depends on the rival," said Reja.

/Klara Ruci/