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Moikom Zeqo, a well-known researcher, academician and historian

  • 10/12/2020 3:31 PM
Moikom Zeqo, a well-known researcher, academician and historian
Moikom Zeqo, Albanian renowned writer and researcher

Albanian renowned writer and researcher Moikom Zeqo was born on June 3, 1949 in the city of Durrës. His family comes from Libohova, where he also completed his elementary education. In 1967 he started attending the Faculty of History and Philology, and graduated from the University of Tirana in 1971 with a degree in language and literature. In the years 1971-1974 he worked as a journalist and literary editor of the newspaper “Drita”. In 1974-76 he worked as a teacher in Rrogozhina.

Then, in the years 1979-1987, he was a researcher at the Archaeological Museum of Durrës. In 1987-1990 he worked as a specialist in the ancient art sector at the Academy of Sciences in Tirana.  On January 31-May 10, 1991, he was appointed Chairman of the Culture Committee, and in the same year he was given the portfolio of Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. In 1991 and 1992 he was a candidate for deputy, when he was elected and served until 1996 as a MP of the Socialist Party. In 1997-2005, Moikom Zeqo was the director of the National Museum.

Zeqo is the author of 62 books of poetry, archeological studies, art history, as well as a number of screenplays for cinematic and television films of an archaeological and cultural nature. He has received several first prizes for his books. Moikom Zeqo’s works have been translated into English, French, Greek, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Danish, Esperanto, and German.

He is the author of three personal exhibitions in painting. He has represented Albania in International Scientific Conferences dozens of times and has been praised by high personalities of Albanian and foreign culture.

Moikom Zeqo is today one of the well-known personalities of our national culture. His works are distinguished for a laconic, condensed and erudite style and he is considered a pioneer of postmodernism in Albanian literature.

He holds the Order “Grand Master” and “Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg”. Moikom Zeqo is also a Doctor of Science.

Radio Tirana expresses its sincere condolences to the family of the late Moikom, for the great loss of  Moikom Zeqo, this well-known academician, researcher, historian and publicist.


Poetry Books in English Translation:

Zodiac, translated by Anastas Kapurani & Wayne Miller, Zephyr Press (U.S.), 2015.

I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, translated by Wayne Miller, et al., BOA Editions (U.S.), 2007.

 Poetry Books in Albanian (a selection):

 (Visions from the Motherland), 1968

(Inside Oneself), 1974 (a selection from Meduza published in Yugoslavia/Kosovo)

 (One Hundred Hearts), 1989

(Medusa), 1994 (also published in Greek translation)

 (Temple of the Moon), 1998 (also published in Italian translation)

 (Nostradamus on the 3rd of June), 1999

 (Zodiac), 2000

(Meduza’s Broken Glasses), 2001

 (Miscellanea in 12 Volumes), 12 volumes published between 2006-16

 (On the Fictional Side of Time), 2017

(The Fifth Season), 2017

 (The Cosmic Pedestrian), 2018

 (Griffins in a Bottle), 2018

(Eternity for Rent), 2018 (also published in Greek and Serbo-Croatian translations)

(A Golgotha of Butterflies), 2019

 Prose Books in Albanian (a selection):

 (Dardanian Knights), 1975 (also published in Greek and Macedonian translations)

 (Dialogue in Movement), 1981

 (The Prince of Autumn), 1991

(The Crossword of Babylon), 1999

 (Thus Spoke Mona Lisa), 1999

 (Between Laocoön and Christ), 2000

(The Third Eye), 2001

 (Invitation to Florimont), 2002

 (Anima Mundi), 2003

 (The Green Man), 2005

 (The Sleepers of Ephesus), 2007

 (The Hidden Adam), 2009

 (Sellers of Chaos), 2010

/Klara Ruci/