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Monumental tomb discovered in Amantia Archaeological Park, dating to the 3rd century BC

  • 6/23/2021 8:45 PM
Monumental tomb discovered in Amantia Archaeological Park, dating to the 3rd century BC

Archaeologists worked intensively for two months until they fully discovered this monumental tomb thought to belong to the third century BC. Excavations were carried out in the southeastern part of the Amantia Archaeological Park.

The vaulted tomb is one of the rare ones that preserves almost all architectural elements. The large size, the peculiarities of the construction make archaeologists think that it belongs to someone powerful who has contributed to the development of the city.
The tomb is suspected to belong to the 3rd century BC, it is one of the most important monumental tombs discovered in the time span of over 20 years of Amantia park. The tomb is a very well preserved architectural structure and has a tiled enclosure, it is a vaulted tomb and its interior is very well preserved. Inside the tomb were found some data, where in addition to the skeletons there were also some ceramic vessels, not well preserved ", said Orges Feimi, director of Vlora cultural Heritage.

The 2,000-year-old monumental tomb is a jewel added to the ancient park and will soon undergo a complete restoration, to be used not only by historians but also by tourists, especially those who are focused on cultural tourism. 

"The importance of this tomb is an added value for the archeological park of Amantia as a new itinerary for tourists is added. 

The Director of Cultural Heritage in Vlora said that they have drafted new projects which are awaiting the approval of the institutions in order to continue the excavations for the discovery of new cemeteries in Amantia.

/Klara Ruci/