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More services from Albanian Customs added at e-Albania portal

  • 7/17/2021 3:11 PM
More services from Albanian Customs added at e-Albania portal

The General Directorate of Customs has announced that starting from July this year, important services that are permanently needed by business and citizens, are available on the e-Albania portal and can be accessed  without having to wait in line at the counters of the Albanian customs service.
Especially a considerable number of authorizations such as Authorization for fiscal warehouse of production, for fiscal warehouse of stock, for the status of approved exporter, for exemption from customs duties, etc. up to the authorization for exemption from fuel excise duties for fishing vessels and for Exemption from VAT and customs duties on fuels destined for the Diplomatic Corps accredited in the Republic of Albania, all these, ie 34 such, citizens and businesses will receive by applying online through the e-Albania portal. The General Directorate of Customs reminds that it is the officials of the customs administration, who have the obligation to provide the necessary accompanying documentation, in cases when these documents are issued by state institutions. This is because the Electronic Document Circulation System  enables communication and exchange of these documents between state institutions.