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Municipality of Gjirokastra / 2021 will be the ''Kadare Year''

  • 1/30/2021 11:02 AM
Municipality of Gjirokastra / 2021 will be the ''Kadare Year''

The year 2021 will be announced by the Municipality of Gjirokastra as "Kadare Year". The proposal addressed to the Municipal Council is in the framework of the 85th birth anniversary  of the  renowned writer Ismail Kadare.  The pandemic has not prevented the people of Gjirokastra from celebrating the birth anniversary of the writer Kadare.

"Become the century of the genius of Albanian literature", was the title of the artistic-cultural activity organized by the Municipality of Gjirokastra, on the 85th anniversary  the coryphaeus of Albanian letters, the writer Ismail Kadare.

Symbolically, the activity took place in the premises of the museum "Kadare House". Participants in this organization, friends of the writer, intellectuals, literary scholars, conveyed impressions from reading Kadare's works, and interpreted parts of his creativity.

With the approval of the Municipal Council, the year 2021 will be considered as "Year of Kadare" while the writer's birth house is included in the project for the revitalization of museums in the city of Gjirokastra.

Kadare House has become one of the main tourist destinations in the city. The museum aims at enriching the entire column of the writer's books and not only, to make every detail of the life and work of the great writer accessible to visitors.