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Nonda Bulka, Albanian renowned satirist and publicist

  • 5/14/2021 1:36 PM
Nonda Bulka, Albanian renowned satirist and publicist

Nonda Bulka was born in the village of Leusa near Përmet. He received his first studies in his hometown, high school at the French High School in Korça until 1929 . He attended higher education in France for law, through a state scholarship. After returning to his homeland, he worked as a teacher in Korça, Elbasan and Tirana; where he would soon showed a penchant for literature and journalism. 

Bulka was distinguished as a publicist and satirist by addressing various social topics, and later as a narrator and poet. Humorous trials as well as prose sketches, published under the pseudonym Chri-Chri, became known for their sharp critique of the political and social conditions under King Zog. In the short article "New Horizons for National Literature", he published in 1932 in the Tirana monthly "Minerva", he tried to convince the reader that, although classical literature had its inviolable place in culture, in the literature of the twentieth century, he felt the need for something new, which would reflect the contemporary man and his aspirations. 

Together with Migjeni and Petro Marko, he set the tone for the literature engaged in Albania in the thirties. His short sketches were first published in the volume "When the nightengale smiles and cries", Korça 1934, and after the war Bulka was raised by Marxist critics. Among his post-war publications, from 1950 until his death, he left short stories of up to twenty pages and poetry, but Chri-Chri's fiery rage, which he had displayed at a young age, is no longer noticeable, as the conditions of absence of freedom of expression under the socialist regime no longer allowed social criticism. A collection of his works has also been translated into English under the title "Sketches and short stories", Tirana 1984.

/Klara Ruci/