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OSCE Chairman-in-Office meets with foreign ambassadors and Celibashi on elections

  • 1/20/2021 4:14 PM
OSCE Chairman-in-Office meets with foreign ambassadors and Celibashi on elections
 The Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco, organized today a meeting with representatives of the international community in Albania to exchange information and coordinate positions regarding the April 25 parliamentary elections. At his side was the Swedish Ambassador, Elsa Håstad, whose seat holds the rotating OSCE Chairmanship. The Presence briefed representatives of OSCE participating States and international organizations on key developments in electoral reform, such as amendments to the Constitution, the Electoral Code and other laws.
The Presence also informed them about projects assisting the Central Election Commission (CEC) and other local actors during the time remaining until the elections. To facilitate dialogue between local actors and the international community on electoral reform issues, the Presence invited State Election Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi to a meeting. He acquainted the participants with the CEC preparations for the organization of the elections, especially regarding the use of technology, enabling the voting of Albanian emigrants and observing cases of possible misuse of human resources for electoral purposes. He also answered the ambassadors' questions. Celibashi also spoke about the challenges faced by the CEC regarding the delayed establishment of the new structure of the CEC and the pressure on the work of the institution caused by the limited time until the elections. Participants expressed their full support for the CEC and urged the State Election Commissioner and other actors to do their best to conduct elections in full compliance with domestic legislation and international standards.
/Klara Ruci/