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Over 250 million euros of foreign investments in Kosovo

  • 1/14/2021 4:23 PM
Over 250 million euros of foreign investments in Kosovo

Foreign investments in Kosovo reached to 250.6 million euros in September, compared to 216.4 million euros in 2019. The countries that have invested the most are; Albania, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Foreign direct investment continued to reach Kosovo during 2020, although this year was difficult due to the pandemic. The Central Bank of Kosovo told Monitor that until September last year the value of investments reached 250.6 million euros. This value of investments according to the CBK is slightly higher than during 2019.

Whereas, the latest report of the CBK on "Quarterly Assessment of Macroeconomic Developments" in Kosovo, mentions the fact that the financial accounts of the balance of payments in our country have marked a value of -284.1 million euros, which marks an increase in the negative balance, compared to 2019, when this account had a value of only -145.1 million euros. According to the CBK, this increase in the negative balance in local financial accounts was mainly due to the reduction of investments outside Kosovo, mainly portfolios. Liabilities within the financial account have also increased by 25.4 percent, says the same report. The level of FDI growth in the country, according to the CBK, is also attributed to the fact that during the first half of 2020 foreign companies operating in Kosovo have not distributed dividends to their shareholders, an indication that the crisis may has also hit FDI despite their increase. However, over the last two months these investments had declined, despite a slight increase in the previous months.

"Within the structure of FDI, capital and equity investment fund reached the value of 128.4 million euros and increased by 56.5 percent, while FDI in the form of debt instruments marked an annual increase of 26.3 percent and reached the value of 36.3 million euros ", CBK report says.

/Klara Ruci/