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Over 5,000 local and foreign tourists visited Theth in July

  • 7/31/2021 12:01 PM
Over 5,000 local and foreign tourists visited Theth in July

Over 5,000 local and foreign tourists visited Thethi National Park during July. Thethi is located 70 km away from Shkodra, this park in recent years is attracting more and more attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

On these hot summer days, especially on weekends, many local and foreign tourists prefer to visit Thethi, to enjoy the beautiful nature, fresh air and organic food of the area. The main points to be visited are the Natural Monument such as the Blue Eye, the baths in Ndërlysa, Grunas Waterfall, Grunas Canyon, Theth-Valbona Trail, Arab Cave, Cursed Mountains Trail, etc.

Thethi is located in the middle of the Alps in northern Albania, protected by three mountains, Radohima, Sheniku, Papluku, with an altitude of over 2500 m above sea level. The high valley of Thethi, one of the most special areas of these alps, is located 750 to 950 m above sea level, with an area of ​​2630 hectares.

The natural resources of this area are related together with the cultural and historical heritage of the local inhabitants, thus forming the most important bases for the development of tourism.

Thethi is visitable in four seasons, where in spring and summer for the rare greenery, in winter for the whiteness of the snow and for the adventurous games, while in the autumn for the stunning colors and the prosperity in fruit growing.

/Klara Ruci/