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Peleshi to NATO counterparts: Greater attention to Kosovo

  • 10/23/2021 3:21 PM
Peleshi to NATO counterparts: Greater attention to Kosovo

On the second day of the meeting of the ministers of the Alliance countries in Brussels, the political leaders also discussed NATO-EU cooperation. As part of this cooperation, Albania has contributed for three years to the NATO mission in the Aegean Sea, but the presence of the Armed Forces in Mali and Bosnia and Herzegovina should also be underlined.

In this session, Minister Peleshi also focused on the growing role of Russia and China in the region. "These two countries are advancing their strategic objectives in our region, through such historical, cultural, economic ties, or through their influence in countries or parts of the region."

Minister Peleshi in front of his counterparts did not leave without mentioning the events of recent weeks in Kosovo, for which he asked for greater attention from the Alliance.

"Recent events in northern Kosovo are not and should not be treated as isolated. We are witnessing a disturbing model presented to us by the Serbian side, which continues to be equipped with modern weapons systems from Russia and China, trained together and as we witnessed recently, sent troops to the border with Kosovo, who were blessed 'also by the Russian ambassador in Belgrade. In our view, this is a very disturbing message, to which the Alliance should pay due attention.

During the work of this Ministerial, Peleshi also met with the Ministers of Defense of the countries contributing to the NATO mission in Latvia. The Ministers discussed the current and planned contributions, as well as any issues related to the progress of this commitment.

Albania is one of the countries contributing to the NATO Group Battalion in Latvia, which has military composition from countries such as: Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. So far our country has contributed to this mission with 1392 troops in total.

/Klara Ruci/