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Pm Rama: I will revise the progressive tax

  • 2/2/2021 5:26 PM
Pm Rama: I will revise the progressive tax

Prime Minister Edi Rama  and the same time head of the Socialist Party, announced a review of the progressive tax level. "We are aware of the need to do a progressive review of personal income, with the aim of being more open to needs. This will be done and it is time to do it. And it will be done after any connection to the campaign. "We do not want the campaign to affect our character," Pm Rama told reporters on Tuesday. "The flat tax is a tax for the rich, to give even more to those who earn more and to take the soul even more to those who earn less," said Mr. Rama. "Today we are in a situation where our tax, which was once called fair taxation and is considered a progressive tax concept, is clearly a tax that has paid off. Both in terms of social morality and in terms of income for individuals and the state," he added.
 Rama has previously expressed his criticism of the DP program in opposition.