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PM Rama is paying an official visit to Greece

  • 1/8/2021 2:35 PM
PM Rama is paying an official visit to Greece

Prime Minister Edi Rama has arrived in Athens, where he has started meetings with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and will have a lunch with his Greek counterpart Mitsotakis.

Mr. Rama is coming to Athens with a broad agenda of bilateral talks, where the fight against covid 19 and the strategic cooperation between our two countries will be its top priority. Prime Minister Rama has been provided a quantity of vaccines, which official Athens will put on our country to support in the fight against covid.

This assistance of Athens is considered vital, after the refusal of European countries to support the countries of the Western Balkans with vaccines, which has created a lot of "anger" from the latter, for the way Europe sees and values ​​non-member countries.

But the talks between Rama and Dendias will also focus on the relations between the two countries, which still remain open, after the delegation of the sea issue to the Hague tribunal.

The strategic partnership between the two countries and the new treaty of friendship between our countries, in which the Greek side envisages the removal of the last "relic" that holds these relations hostage, or the law of war, is another topic of discussion.

Official Tirana believes that the abolition of the law of war will release a lot of positive energy in these relations. 

/Klara Ruci/