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Pm Rama: Mass vaccination will start soon

  • 2/23/2021 1:07 PM
Pm Rama: Mass vaccination will start soon

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated on Tuesday that vaccination is an irreplaceable weapon to break the chain of infection and start the liberation of the country. The only weapon to get rid of "this enemy that is constantly taking life" is the vaccine, said Rama at the press conference on Tuesday. "Very soon we will start mass vaccination, it is a matter of very short time, we are very close ... and I can not wait to say the last word" said Prime Minister Rama.
"It is clear that vaccination is a very powerful weapon, to turn the country into a country without COVID" said  Rama while describing as inspiring what is happening in countries like Israel and Great Britain. "Israel made a very big bet, today it has everything it needs to vaccinate its people", said Rama.
Albania has currently vaccinated over 5000 people. They are members of the medical corps in the anticovid war and residents of nursing homes.
Authorities have acknowledged difficulties in supplying vaccines, the presence of which is increasing almost every week.

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