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Pm Rama reiterates the cooperation offer with the opposition

  • 9/17/2021 1:14 PM
Pm Rama reiterates the cooperation offer with the opposition

Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama has again expressed his readiness to cooperate with the opposition. "They want a change in the constitutional system, let's discuss it, this requires dialogue, anyway our mood is complete and whether the group chairman or the secretary general on the other hand are ready at any moment that whatever the DP chooses if it wants to choose a dialogue process. Get in touch immediately if they want to do it in X or Y way, but time is tight. The years go by and for all those who have been in the mandate of the first government, it seems as if it was 8 months ago, we need to focus on our work and the implementation of the program. "said Rama in his invitation.

While he did not leave without clarifying the speech by the leader of the Democratic Party that if there is no consensus on important reforms, then he will implement them with the people. "I heard from the leader of the Democratic Party that all those goals that are unachievable without cooperation with the majority, we will pursue with the people. I have no problem going down with the people and talking about electoral or territorial reform, but at the end of the day if they want to achieve these goals they have to talk to us and not make the mistake they have historically made that have always left things in the end. We kept telling you to sit down for electoral reform, they did not come. "We could not deny that they were the opposition voted against and we gave you an extra chair and they did not use it", explained Pm Rama.

Prime Minister  Edi Rama promised that the program voted today will be 100 percent applicable, especially in terms of reconstruction from the earthquake and pandemic.