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Pm Rama reiterates the invitation to the opposition

  • 5/4/2021 1:05 PM
Pm Rama reiterates the invitation to the opposition

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reiterated the invitation for cooperation for the opposition, despite the statements of its leader Lulzim Basha that the April 25 elections were an electoral massacre, implying the negation of the electoral process. "The losers focus on the winners. The winners focus on the victory! Our third term will not resemble the first two in relation to the losers. Let them deal with us, we will deal with Albania climbing to the top. Our hand will be laid. Our invitation to them is open!" wrote Rama on social networks.
The leader of the left majority who will lead the government for another four years said that "Albania deserves the multiplication of our efforts and we will spend all our energy only for the triumph of this country, which we want to be the champion of the Balkans in tourism, energy, agriculture, innovation and digital services for citizens! The old political war is no longer our job!"