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Pm Rama share video of the construction of ''Mother Teresa'' school

  • 7/29/2021 1:10 PM
Pm Rama share video of the construction of ''Mother Teresa'' school

The new school "Mother Teresa" in Koder-Kamez is nearing completion and finally solves a major problem for this community. Mother Teresa School as well as J. F. Kennedy ”are part of a new campus for pre-university education and will enable every child in this area to develop the entire educational cycle within the perimeter where they live. This school campus, extends to about 12,000 square meters. Prime Minister Edi Rama has published images from this school that is part of the program for the construction of 17 new schools in Tirana. "GOOD MORNING, and with some pictures from the new school" Mother Teresa "in Tirana, I wish you a good day", said Prime Minister Rama next to the video.

The school is being built according to the project signed by the architect Stefano Boeri, and there will be ample facilities and usable spaces for extracurricular sports and cultural activities for the community of this area. "Mother Teresa" school will be a high school, a 9-year school, a preschool and a kindergarten at the same time.