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Pm Rama: There is no time for rest

  • 2/22/2021 10:35 AM
Pm Rama: There is no time for rest

Prime Minister Edi Rama published a video message addressed to the citizens in which he says that he is not satisfied with the work that has been done so far, but according to him the pandemic and the earthquake have been cursed times which have interrupted the flow of normal life.
He assessed as an achievement the increase of the minimum wage, the reduction of the tax for small businesses as well as the increase of the salaries for doctors and teachers. Rama, convinced of the victory, says that there is no time for rest.
"We have taken heavy blows, we have faced great challenges. I know some of you are unhappy that not all expectations have been met, nor am I.
No, today but never! Let us not forget what we have removed at every turn in these accursed times.
The minimum wage has increased by 1/3, full 36% since the beginning of work under our leadership. White T-shirts and teachers get paid much better today.
The tax for about 100 thousand small businesses has become 0. Construction sites are more numerous than ever before throughout Albania.
The application for tax-free oil has started for 70 thousand registered farmers. Despite real and deep crises, from earthquakes to pandemics and numerous artificial obstacles from politics, we have continued to move forward.
For all those who want to work, not sleep or watch with open eyes, dreams that have disappointed Albanians more than once. There is no time for rest! "Rama says in his video message.