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Polyphonic festival held in Pilur tourist village

  • 6/8/2021 8:40 AM
Polyphonic festival held in Pilur tourist village

Folk music and dances enlivened the village of Pilur in Himara for two days in succession. "Netët of Bejkës së Bardhë", polyphonic groups from Vlora, Gjirokastra, Tepelena, Mallakastra, Gramshi and Himara took the stage, turning the tourist village into the capital of labe music.

"Polyphonic song should be passed on to other generations. The polyphonic song for us is the food of our soul, our daily life, our joy and happiness ", said the polyphonic singer, Katina Beleri.
"This is our future. The labe song continues and will continue ", said the polyphonic singer, Golik Jaupi.

The Mayor of Himara, Gjergji Goro says that the festival aims to promote the best traditions of the area for tourism. While he hopes that this tradition will be inherited through generations.

"With this festival we try to give echoes to other areas, besides the beach, but also to the tradition, telling the tourists to enjoy our picturesque villages in addition to the sea. In every village we will try to have activities of this nature ", concluded the mayor of Himara, Gjergji Goro.

The first prize bearing the name of the initiator of this activity and the man who turned Pilur into an important point of the identity of Albanian polyphony, the poet and rhapsodist, "Lefter Çipa", was awarded to Pilur's group. The second prize "Kujtim Mici" was won by Bënça polyphonic group, Tepelena. The third prize "Koço Çakalli" was won by the folk group "Argjiro" of Gjirokastra.

Albanian Iso Polyphony has been declared by UNESCO "Masterpiece of the Oral Heritage of Humanity" and is protected by it.

/Klara Ruci/