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President Ilir Meta decrees the government "Rama 3"

  • 9/15/2021 9:02 AM
President Ilir Meta decrees the government "Rama 3"

President Ilir Meta has decreed the government "Rama 3" and has sent the decree to the Albanian Parliament. The head of state's decision comes a day after the General Prosecutor's Office responded to the President regarding the verification of the new cabinet ministers.

What does the law provide, the procedures for the new government?

According to Article 96, the President of the Republic, at the beginning of the legislature, appoints the Prime Minister with the proposal of the party or coalition that has the majority in parliament. Since the SP has the only votes, the other points of this article do not apply in this case. Then, according to Article 97, within 10 days the mandated Prime Minister presents to the Assembly the governing program and the names of the new cabinet. Article 98 provides that after approval by parliament the new government goes for decree within 7 days to the President of the Republic. Article 99 obliges the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and ministers to swear in to the President, before officially taking office.

/Klara Ruci/