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President Meta praises three journalists of RTSH

  • 3/9/2021 10:38 AM
President Meta praises three journalists of RTSH

On the occasion of  March 8, the international women's day,  President Ilir Meta praised three journalists, part of the pleyad of professionals of the Albanian Public Radio and Television, Aferdita Selimaj, Violeta Durin and Iva Hoxha.

"With gratitude for their valuable contribution to public information, I praised today on the occasion of March 8, three honorable journalists, Aferdita Selimaj, Violeta Duri and Iva Hoxha, part of the constellation of professionals of the Albanian Public Radio and Television, who have left  their mark  in the memory of every Albanian, turning into models of inspiration for the new generations of journalists and not only. Let us all work for the empowerment of Albanian women, following these excellent examples, to build a true European society", writes President Meta.

In his welcoming speech, President Meta said:

"It is a special pleasure to be together today, on March 8, on International Women's Day, to give a well-deserved appreciation to three honorable ladies, who have left an impression in the memory of every Albanian.

The best way to foster courage and work culture, especially among girls and the younger generation is through setting examples.

You have had the insistence to reveal yourself with your voice, image and personality in front of the society, fulfilling a noble mission, that of informing the citizens.

You fulfilled this mission in not easy times, before the `90s, when there was neither technological facilities nor today's freedom in spreading the news, but on the contrary you continued the same mission, with the same dedication, even after 90s, in a very difficult period of transition and for that you deserve only gratitude.

Today is a special day, where we express our gratitude for your work and contribution, through these appreciations.

But today is also your day, as women and mothers. When the whole world stops and wishes you for your life, for the fact that every day you have contributed to make the life of your family, friends and colleagues easier.

The journalists we honor today are the pride of the journalistic community. They served over three decades in the sacred mission, that of informing the public, conveying across the country, but also abroad, the sublime goal: to inform the citizens.

Today, on this day marked for women and girls around the world, I have the honor to appreciate 3 very honorable ladies:

Icon of ‘Radio Tirana’, Aferdita Selimi, who with her excellent work as a field journalist and witness of many historical events that marked Albania after the 90s and she knew how to be an excellent professional.

Violeta Durin, the journalist of ‘Radio Gjirokastra’, a voice and a beloved figure for the south of the country, who through radio waves knew how to enter the homes of every Gjirokastra resident, but not only. Her articles in the newspaper 'Drita' were the food of every person to be informed.

Iva Hoxha, the icon of the Albanian Public Radio and Television, who with her voice, simplicity and eloquence, grabbed thousands of Albanians in front of the small screen in the evening.

Happy March 8th once again and let us all work for the empowerment of the Albanian woman, mother and daughter in our society, so that we can be a true European society! - declared President Meta.