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President Meta: The parties should chose candidates with integrity

  • 2/9/2021 10:49 AM
President Meta: The parties should chose candidates with integrity

President Ilir Meta  has appealed to the political parties to choose candidates with integrity, as according to him April 25 elections  will be an even more important referendum than that of 1994. According to the president, the fact that a law on decriminalization has been made shows that this has been a serious problem of our politics. 

Meta also responded to the interest of journalists regarding the comments of former Prime Minister Fatos Nano, when he billed the president with 7 biblical sins. "Zero comments for zero zero and gambling and quoting the Bible does not work", said Meta, after his visit to the Mufti of Korça.

The President of the Republic regarding the agreement on the sea has stated that the country has a constitution and a decision of the constitutional court on this issue.

According to President Meta, it is the fault of Albanian politics that even today we are outside Europe, while the European future of Albania has already been questioned. This is exactly why Meta has called on Albanians to vote for the interests of Albania on April 25, to vote against depopulation and for the European future of the country.