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Prestigious magazine: Albania at the level of EU vaccination

  • 4/5/2021 5:41 PM
Prestigious magazine: Albania at the level of EU vaccination

The mass vaccination campaign in Albania is on the same level as the vaccination campaign in the European Union.

According to the data of the online scientific journal, Our World in Data, Albania is only 0.04 points away from EU figures and 0.02 points away from those of Germany.

More specifically, in Albania 0.32 doses are administered per 100 inhabitants. Germany is at the quota of 0.34 doses per 100 inhabitants. Meanwhile, union countries are at 0.36 doses per 100 inhabitants.

Number of vaccinations per 100 inhabitants for Albania, Germany and the EU, according to Our World Data Until the start of mass vaccination, Albania was in low numbers, with 0.11 doses per 100 inhabitants.

But, with the arrival of the Chinese vaccines of Sinovac and the beginning of the process for people over 70, our country has tripled the figure within a week, going to European levels.

The increasing progression over the last seven days is about 0.05 doses per 100 inhabitants each day. If this trend is maintained along with that of recent weeks of the EU or even Germany taken separately, Albania is expected to have a more successful vaccination campaign than Europe next week. Over 150 thousand vaccinations have been carried out in total in Albania. The process is completed for health personnel. Meanwhile, it is expected to be concluded for teachers and persons over 70 years of age, in receiving the first dose.

The other categories will be vaccinated according to priorities. About 20,000 daily vaccinations are performed across the country. Most in Tirana, due to the higher population. With the contracting of another 2.2 million doses, the vaccination process is expected to be constant and not stop.

/Klara Ruci/