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Prime Minister Rama lists the projects for the 3rd term: Ports, airports and roads

  • 2/20/2021 11:31 AM
Prime Minister Rama lists the projects for the 3rd term: Ports, airports and roads

From the conversation with the citizens in Fier, Prime Minister Edi Rama talked about the big projects aimed at the third term. Among other things, he stated that we have a doubling of arable land and an increase in exports.

"Today we are in another phase. Today we are in the process of completing the Kukes airport. The pandemic has hit us because it has blocked us for a long time the airport of Vlora. We are waiting for the winner to come out and the contract to be signed. The contract may not be concluded as it happened to us with Milot-Balldren. We will open Saranda airport. With these airports we will have a big plus power. On the other hand, there are two major transformations that are not desires, but very advanced processes, the port of Vlora and Durrës. They bring another driving force to the Albanian economy, ports and airports. The influx increases and immediately the services increase, the activities increase.

The Muriqan-Milot-Tirana axis through Thumana-Rrogozhina and Fier is ready. We had Miltot-Fier and now we will merge them into one. It is a project that will transform infrastructure. There are a number of other projects but I am not taking the time. These are key projects that are not an electoral program, but part of our project to get them moving. In 7 years we have a doubling of arable land. 120 thousand hectares of land were cultivated, today 240 thousand are cultivated. This has also affected the growth of exports ", declared Rama.

/Klara Ruci/