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Rama and Merkel in a joint press conference

  • 9/14/2021 2:45 PM
Rama and Merkel in a joint press conference

Prime Minister Edi Rama is holding a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. From the beginning of his speech, Rama said that today is a beautiful and sad day, as it coincides with Merkel's visit, but on the other hand it is her last visit to Tirana as chancellor.

"I will say that this is both a beautiful day for us and a sad day. It is a beautiful day because we have the privilege to welcome in Tirana a friend of the Balkans, Albanians and peoples of this region. It is also a sad day, because in a way this is Angela Merkel's farewell visit as Chancellor of Germany. I believe that no one has done more for this region after overcoming the war than the German chancellor. What is even more important is that no one has understood this region better than the German chancellor. It is always a problem with the chancellor that she does not like speeches with many beautiful words, but at the same time she is very sincere in expressing the best words about what she did by initiating the Berlin process, a process which is a far-sighted vision, not just to go through a phase of several years, but to see the future all together. "Beyond all the concrete results, in terms of the campaign covered by this process, where it is important to establish an area of ​​cooperation, interaction and a sense of a common future," he said.

to be continued....

/Klara Ruci/