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Rama calls on Albanians in North Macedonia to take part in the census

  • 3/26/2021 3:21 PM
Rama calls on Albanians in North Macedonia to take part in the census

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has called on the Albanians of North Macedonia to participate massively in the population census on which their constitutional power and decision-making in the affairs of that state depends.

"Albanian sisters and brothers from Tetovo, Skopje and all of North Macedonia. You should be proud today of how much you have achieved in advancing your rights in the neighboring and friendly state. There is no end of good and it is never enough, but it is enough to turn our heads back, not too far in time, only a few years ago to see what great and decisive steps you have taken in affirming the Albanian dignity and identity in that Republic, where until yesterday the Albanian was treated as the second category, even though without the Albanian people there is no state of Macedonia ", said Rama, through a video message.

Rama said that "the story that we have all done together in these few years thanks to the patriotic and republican vision of Ali Ahmeti and the positive will of political leaders who gave life to the so-called cynicism of the obstructors of our language, the platform of Tirana, "It is a shining page in the long struggle for the freedoms and rights of Albanians in North Macedonia."

"But it should never prevent you from seeing your identity, our Albanian identity and its affirmation in every dimension of the life of the state where you live, as a cause above all causes, above all disputes, bargains and parties. Today is one of those moments of your life as a citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia, when none of you, no one anywhere living in this world and whatever the jobs and worries it has, should not miss the new population census of the state of North Macedonia ", he said.

Rama said that this registration is done after many years, because the previous deadline was deliberately removed by those who did not want to count you. You know better than anyone that the Constitutional power of the Albanian people of that Republic on participation and decision-making in the affairs of that state depends on the number of Albanians registered in the Republic of North Macedonia," said Rama.

/Klara Ruci/