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Rama conference with Varhelyi: Commissioner took off the mask of Brussels in Tirana, Schengen regional strategic project

  • 6/10/2021 8:39 PM
Rama conference with Varhelyi: Commissioner took off the mask of Brussels in Tirana, Schengen regional strategic project

Prime Minister Edi Rama held a press conference with EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi. Rama stated that they have asked the EU for the digital green card of the Balkans to be recognized by the EU.

"I want to thank everyone. In my view it is special reason. We are gathered to push forward a process, to advance the realization of the four freedoms of Europe in our region.

This process is based on a financial package in the framework of an EU economic and investment plan in terms of the volume of funds made available for regional cooperation and radical improvement of road infrastructure, railways, ports, interconnection and the entire sector of energy, and constitutes the largest historical movement of the EU towards the Western Balkans.

It was a pleasure because finally the meeting was not virtual. Because we have the opportunity to welcome our friends without coercive measures and I believe that the commissioner also feels good that he took off Brussels' masks in Tirana. The work plans are concrete. This is one of those moments when the EU has done its part. It is up to us to do our own. We have been from the beginning and still remain steadfast in our conviction that the regional Schengen project is a strategic project with tremendous economic, social and political benefits for our entire region.

I am glad that the synergy of this vision with the EU is complete. We are in a situation where we are mastering the Berlin process and we hope that they will pass into the hands of the European Commission so that the July 5 meeting will be the last in its current format and next year it will be under the auspices of the Commission. This is one of our ambitions that we share with the commissioner. In the meantime, we have decided in parallel with what is related to the programs, a series of ambitious points to link the progress made internally in our region with the way it works.

If we are taking steps here towards the implementation of the four EU freedoms, the ambition is for the EU to recognize these steps as well in terms of governance, opportunities from the point of view of economic activity. Within the region but two days ago also with Hungary bilaterally, we have strongly agreed on free movement without extra obligations. Today, all countries have submitted to the EC and the EU the request that the digital green card of the citizen of a country of our region in terms of health security be recognized in the EU", said Rama.

/Klara Ruci/