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Rama on Albania's election to the UN Security Council: The greatest success in the history of Albanian diplomacy

  • 7/7/2021 9:29 AM
Rama on Albania's election to the UN Security Council: The greatest success in the history of Albanian diplomacy

In the ceremony held yesterday for Albania's membership in the United Nations Security Council, Prime Minister Rama thanked all diplomats and representatives of Albania in international relations, whom he considered contributors to this historic achievement.
The head of the Albanian government also stressed the importance of Albania's position as a temporary member of the UN Security Council for the Western Balkans: "The election of Albania for the first time as a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council is not just a great success, the greatest in terms of the impact on the history of Albanian diplomacy, but also a reason to understand that Albania can and should do more for itself and for others, especially for our region. In the June 11 decision in the general assembly the greatest significance was gaining the trust of 175 seats.
This is a significant achievement even for the Western Balkans "After chairing the OSCE, where we left a good impression, I say that our sitting in the UN Security Council reconfirms a standard of credibility and prudence for Albania," Rama said.
On the other hand he returned to the fact that after the pandemic, global values have turned into international values.
The Prime Minister also did not leave without mentioning the fact that while the EU still treats the Balkans and Albania as separate, our country already knows its values and capabilities in participating in international roundtables.
He further presented Albania's program as a member of the Security Council, explaining that gender equality, challenges in environmental protection, the fight against discrimination continue to be priorities.
"Albania is a country ranked in the top 10 countries in the world, in the UN ranking, in terms of gender equality in government, but not only. Even at the following levels, Albania has shown that it has revived the trust in women and girls and the courage to involve them in decision-making. We are convinced that we are not alone, on the contrary, we are with others who have led by the power of example, that women and girls are essential to peace and security.
Of course, in SC, there is a United Nations agenda, for peace and security, and we will support in any case, the full participation of women, in all peacekeeping efforts. Furthermore, we have an obligation to have a commitment to the protection of human rights and international rights, because we are a country that has a history and we go to the SC, as a region that has taught us that human and international rights are the inevitable pillars of the platform that builds better societies. "This promotes stronger cooperation between countries and a more guaranteed development."
The Prime Minister stressed that Albania has its own experience in terms of religious tolerance and can bring this experience to the Council.
"On the other hand, of course Albania has not just the right as anyone else, but has the right to be heard when it comes to full religious tolerance and harmony between different faiths, which for us are the foundation of promoting peace and our unconditional support in the fight against terrorism. Certainly we are in the right position to strongly defend the idea that any form, and even worse, any new and sophisticated form of anti-Semitism, or any other form of discrimination against Muslims, is completely unacceptable and threatens stability of our societies and the world we want to live in. 
We fully support all efforts to protect the environment and climate change. Albania has made it present in the UN forums that it will get engaged with others, to ensure an inseparable link between climate and security as a broader concept. This is a great, solemn, global commitment, and here we have no other role to play than just to support this initiative," said Rama.

/Klara Ruci/