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Rama's 3-point plan for the energy crisis

  • 10/9/2021 8:44 PM
Rama's 3-point plan for the energy crisis

PM Rama held an extraordinary press conference today afternoon focusing on the electricity crisis stressing that the Albanian government has decided not to increase the price of electricity for all household consumers and small business, and there will be no power outages for the Albanians.

Prime Minister Edi Rama presented this Saturday the plan for overcoming the energy crisis, reiterating that this plan envisages three essential points, which are:

-Uninterrupted supply for all with electricity
-Protecting households and small business from rising energy prices
Guaranteeing the necessary liquid fund for interaction with the electricity market. 100 million euros for OSHEE this year and another 110 million euros early next year.

 Rama said that the action plan does not envisage rising energy prices for household consumers, small businesses. The storm of this crisis, according to experts, is predicted to have its aggressive phase by next summer.

"Our plan covers exactly this period, while the government is preparing a national consultation", adding that "In recent years, life for you and me has been determined by events rather than plans.  Be confident that you will succeed better and better, "Rama said.

/Klara Ruci/