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Rare Codex Documentary: Atheist Albania and Communist China Save Christianity Masterpiece

  • 4/6/2021 2:01 PM
Rare Codex Documentary: Atheist Albania and Communist China Save Christianity Masterpiece

The Purple Codex of Berat - Beratinus is a rare treasure for the history of Christian thought, especially for the ecumenical period of Christianity; for the relationship between Scripture and human thought; for schools of writing and the competencies of the writer as an author; for the ecclesiastical centers and capitals in Illyricum and then in the land of Arbër for 15 centuries; on the influence of the Albanian space in the evangelization of the peoples; for the role of the Arberian nobility as the founder and protector of the core values ​​of the Christian civilization; for interfaith peace and the culture of preservation among Albanians.

The Beratinus Codex has given light to the name of Albania. It is part of the heritage code and the role of Albanian culture. Written in gold and silver, its value is not measured.

15 years ago the two purple codices of Berat became part of the most elite program of the spiritual heritage of Humanity, the Memory of the World. Preliminarily, as early as 2000, in the catalog of the exhibition I Vangeli dei Popoli, it was claimed that the codex Beratinus-1 was declared part of the Memory of the World. It is the only heritage of Albania in this list. The decision was made at the general meeting of the UNESCO Assembly held in Beijing, exactly where they were restored.

20 years ago, on the occasion of the Jubilee of the 2000th Anniversary of Christianity, a 20-page volume of the Beratinus codex was presented in the exhibition Gospels of the Peoples in Vatican. It was the first time this manuscript appeared in a specialized international environment.

Albanian Radio Television has made a documentary: Return to the Purple Codex with producer and journalist Tom Therçaj where through authentic documents, interviews and interesting events, it is shown how this sacred manuscript of extraordinary value escaped from the robberies of many invaders.

Special attention is paid to the restoration in China 50 years ago, in 1971 when the two communist countries Albania and China signed the agreement for the restoration of the rare manuscript.

/Klara Ruci/