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Rare exhibition of 100 years opened in the premises of COD

  • 11/3/2020 5:37 PM
Rare exhibition of 100 years opened in the premises of COD
Rome and Constantinople, the Papacy and the High Gate, Pope Pius and the Sultan, Ana Komnena with Ottoman chroniclers. West and East meet like never before, in a unique National Library exhibition. For the first time, 800 rare books come out of the basement, in front of the whole public who loves literature and is curious about the past history of Albania.

In the premises of the Center for Openess and Dialogue(COD), you can find displayed from Gjon Buzuku's "Meshari" to Pjetër Bogdani's "Çeta e Profetëve" and all the humanists who write about the Chief of Arbri.

It all starts with the letters of Pope Pius, the oldest edition of the exhibition and then with St. Augustine, which continues in the next room with the Bibles, codices and Quran of the 1500s, reconnecting the Orient and the West in a single room. The journey to the library for many of them, is unknown. However, although they have thought differently in many ways, religion and philosophy are so close, leaving next to the Bibles and saints, the 39-volume Diderot encyclopedias, the 13-volume Jean-Jacques Rousseau summary, and the first edition of Voltaire by Isaac Newton, Adam Smith. But there are also works mentioning the Illyrians as well as great authors.

With 287 volumes in 7 languages, there is also the library of Faik Konica brought to Albania by Agron Alibali, already on a special shelf, a gift from an Albanian living in Nairobi.
This is also the largest exhibition organized by the National Library of Albania, since its establishment in 1920. At that time, it had a fund of only three thousand books, today counts one million three hundred thousand library units, among them manuscripts, newspaper collections and maps.
An important part of the exhibition is dedicated to the written heritage of the Albanian people, being limited due to space only to those works and authors who laid the first stones in the foundations of our written heritage or in the history of the formation of national identity.
/Klara Ruci/