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Reporters of the EC Parliamentary Assembly seal April 25th

  • 6/22/2021 1:11 PM
Reporters of the EC Parliamentary Assembly seal April 25th

The reporters of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have given their assessment for the elections of April 25, rejecting the opposition thesis for "electoral massacre".

"In most of the polling stations visited, the voting process was generally smooth. "Procedures were generally followed, but voters sometimes did not remove their face masks for identification purposes, and the finger paint procedure was not strictly adhered to," the report said.

According to them, what was not respected had nothing to do with the process.

"COVID-19 preventive measures were not well implemented, and social distancing was not always respected. The secrecy of the vote was respected. Overcrowding represented a problem in some polling stations visited by PACE teams.

 The observation delegation concluded that the parliamentary elections were characterized by a lively and comprehensive campaign, thanks to a legal framework that helped ensure respect for fundamental freedoms. At the same time the campaign saw that the authorities were taking advantage of public functions.

"Parliamentary elections were held following a political agreement on the progress reached in June 2020, which was followed by an electoral reform."

However, the report states that “The Assembly delegation expressed its concern about allegations of vote-buying by political parties that were prevalent during the campaign. He noted that a number of investigations have been opened into this issue.

Therefore, the Assembly delegation expects the relevant Albanian authorities to take appropriate action in the investigation and to be informed of the results in a timely manner.

 Parliamentary elections were generally well organized by the election administration. "The administration at all levels generally enjoyed the trust of stakeholders."

/Klara Ruci/