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Robert Ndrenika, Albanian famous actor of stage and screen

  • 7/2/2021 10:08 AM
Robert Ndrenika, Albanian famous actor of stage and screen

Robert Ndrenika is an Albanian famous actor of stage and screen. He was born in Tirana, in 1942. His talent stood out from the first years of his life, when he cultivated his passion for theater at the Pioneer House in Tirana. After graduating from the "Qemal Stafa" High School, in the years 1960-1964 he began his studies as an actor at the "Aleksandër Moisiu" High School.

From this year, until 1970, he works as an actor in the "Skampa" Theater of Elbasan. In the years 1970-1974 he worked as an actor in the Theater of the Higher Institute of Arts (today the Academy of Arts), then in the National Theater, until he retired.

For many years he worked as a freelance actor (after retirement). Among others, he has interpreted: "Besa" by Sami Frashëri, "Bridge" by Minush Jeros, "Prefect" by Besim Levonja, "Fisherman's family" by Sulejman Pitarka, "Together with the dawn" by Kole Jakova, "Between two people "By Kiço Blushi," Skënderbeg "by Lec Shllaku," The General of the Dead Army "and" The Boring Season at Olympus "by Ismail Kadare," The Dead River "by Jakov Xoxa," The Second Face "and" The Rise and Fall of Comrade Zylo ”by Dritëro Agolli,“ The Stairs ”and“ The House with Two Gates ”by Ruzhdi Pulaha,“ Too Much Noise for Nothing ”,“ The Twelfth Night ” Moliere's "Stinginess", Arbuzov's "Far Road", Schiller's "Louise Miller", Viktor Eftimiu's "The Man Who Saw Death with His Eyes", Kohout's "Such Love", Mayakovsky's "Bath" , Brecht's "Arturo Ui", Miller's "Death of a Commissioner", Dyrrenmat's "Old Lady's Visit", De Filippo's "Great Magic" and "Cylinder", Weber's "Dinner of the Fools", etc.

In 1979, Ndrenikë was awarded the title "Merited Artist" and in 1988 the title "People's Artist".He has been a Member of Parliament of Albania during 1992–1996, representing Democratic Party of Albania. In 1998, Ndrenika was honored with People's Artist of Albania decoration, becoming one of the few actors to have this decoration. In 2012, Ndrenika was awarded the Honor of the Nation Order by the president for his contribution in Albanian cinematography.

He was honored with the Cup for Best Actor at the National Theater Festival, in 1994, for the role of Di Spete in the play "The Great Magic", by De Filippo and at the 1979 Film Festival, for the role of Prefect in the film “Concert in 1936 ".

Robert Ndrenika represents not only the honor and pride of the nation but the extraordinary story of a great man, who has made history through the simplicity of his greatness.

/Klara Ruci/